Shahzia Sikander, Parallax, 2013, 3-Channel HD Animation, 24p with 5.1 Surround Sound, 15 min. 30 sec., 5760 x 1080 pixels, Courtesy of the Artist.

Artist Talk and U.S. Premiere of Parallax by Shahzia Sikander
Public Opening: Saturday, October 4th | 6-9PM
Artist Talk: Saturday, October 4th | 6:30PM

The Board of Trustees of the Linda Pace Foundation announces a newacquisition and the United States premiere of Parallax, a three-channel HD animation by international artist Shahzia Sikander. The public opening of Parallax will take place Saturday, October 4, 2014 from 6PM–9PM in SPACE, located in the northeast corner of CHRISpark in San Antonio, and will include a lecture by the artist.

Parallax is Sikander’s largest and most ambitious animation to date. Sikander’s first foray into animation occurred during her time as the 2001 Artpace International Artist in Residence. Drawing is at the heart of her practice, and her work in new media explores the implications of engaging drawing with technology. Comprised of hundreds of tiny drawings that have been digitally animated, Parallax deals with the history of maritime trade and colonial occupation in the Strait of Hormuz. Themusic score of Parallax is composed by Du Yun and includespoetry commissioned specifically for the score in collaboration with the Sharjah Art Foundation.

Shahzia Sikander received her BFA in 1991 from the National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan and her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1995. Pakistani-born and internationally recognized, Sikander's pioneering practice takes Indo-Persian miniature painting as a point of departure. Shechallenges the strict formal tropes of miniature painting as well as its medium-based restrictions by experimenting with scale and media. Such mediainclude animation, video, mural, and collaboration with other artists. Her process-based work is concerned with examining the forces at stake in contested cultural and political histories. Her work helped launch a major resurgence in the Miniature Painting department in the Nineties at the National College of Arts in Lahore, inspiring many others to examine the miniature tradition. Sikander is the recipient of numerous awards, including the inaugural medal of art awarded by Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton (2012), the MacArthur Genius Award (2006-2011), and the Haji Sherif Award in Excellence in Miniature Painting at the NCA (1992).

SPACE is located in the northeast corner of CHRISpark; Entrance is at 111 Camp Street, San Antonio, TX 78204.

SPACE GALLERY HOURS; Wednesday–Saturday, 12PM–5PM. SPACE is free and open to the public.

Teresita Fernandez Night Writing (Tristan and Isolde), 2011 Colored and shaped paper pulp with ink Jet assembled with mirror. 58 X 108 inches. Copyright of the artist. Courtesy of Lehmann Maupin, New York and STPI Singapore. Collection of the Linda Pace Foundation.

Teresita Fernandez Artist Talk
Saturday, Sept 6th – 11AM

The Trustees of The Linda Pace Foundation announce an artist talk by Teresita Fernández, a renowned contemporary artist whose work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, at 11AM, Saturday, September 6, 2014 at SPACE. The talk is free and open to the public.

During her talk, Fernández, a 2005 MacArthur Foundation Fellow and recipient of many prestigious works, will reflect on her new works, including her recent show at Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, “As Above So Below,” a large-scale exhibition in which Fernandez combined graphite and gold to make a series of immersive, interconnected installations. Twin, a work created by Fernández in 2002 and owned by the Linda Pace Foundation, is part of the PACE GEMS exhibition currently on display in SPACE.

Though Fernández was born in Miami, Florida and lives in New York, her ties to the contemporary art culture in San Antonio are significant. In the winter of 1998, Fernández was an Artpace resident. Her installation, Borrowed Landscape, (Citron, Cerulean, Violet, Blue) was a series of stunning multicolored enclosures that challenged perceptions about looking. While a resident at Artpace, Fernández became a friend of Linda Pace, founder of Artpace and The Linda Pace Foundation. In 2005, Pace commissioned Fernández to design and create art installations for the CHRISpark, which Fernández completed in October 2005. Fernández currently serves on the board of Artpace.

Guests at her talk will walk through CHRISpark, located at 111 Camp Street, and view the Wednesday’s Child discs created by Fernández in honor of Pace’s son, Chris, who was born on a Wednesday. SPACE, formerly Pace’s artist studio, is now The Linda Pace Foundation’s public gallery, and is located in the northeast corner of CHRISpark.

SPACE is located in the northeast corner of CHRISpark; Entrance is at 111 Camp Street, San Antonio, TX 78204.

SPACE GALLERY HOURS; Wednesday–Saturday, 12PM–5PM. SPACE is free and open to the public.

Dario Robleto. Candles Un-burn, Sun Un-shine, Death Un-dies, 2010. Digital C-print mounted on Sintra, a collection of stage lights taken from the album covers of live performances of now-deceased musicians.

Dario Robleto Artist Talk
Saturday, June 14 – 2PM

The Trustees of the Linda Pace Foundation are committed to a series of public dialogues with contemporary artists whose works are represented in the Foundation's collection. SPACE exhibitions are free and open to the public.

PACE GEMS, the inaugural exhibition of SPACE, highlights a selection of works from the Foundation’s permanent collection reflect Pace’s overarching collection criteria. The exhibition focuses on former Artpace residents, artists whose work was exhibited in the Hudson Show at Artpace, as well as other internationally recognized artists.

Robleto will present a multi-media artist talk investigating if the continuity of love and memory—over vast reaches of time and space—is truly possible. Robleto will share stories, along with a selection from his collection of sounds and images, to reveal some of the deepest influences behind his art making and his approach as an artist as researcher, archivist, and storyteller. Robleto will use as a key example his research around the Voyager space probe launched in the ’70s. The probe, which has recently exited our solar bubble, contains onboard the Golden Record, which has been called “the greatest DJ mixtape ever recorded.” The team that developed it raised profound questions between art and science and moral questions about what the present owes to the past and distant future.

SPACE is located in the northeast corner of CHRISpark; Entrance is at 111 Camp Street, San Antonio, TX 78204.

SPACE GALLERY HOURS; Wednesday–Saturday, 12PM–5PM. SPACE is free and open to the public.